Zadie Belfer-Shevett

Electronic music producer and performer

Easthampton, Massachusetts

Bookings via email (envelope icon above). I respond within 24 hours.

"Earnest electronica straight from the soul."

- Tyler Etters, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Klang Magazine

A multidisiplinary artist, Zadie brings their instrumentalism and narrative sensibilities to the aesthetics of electronic music. They perform a subtle, captivating blend of downtempo electronica, UK garage, and breakbeats - a signature union of heartfelt melodies and shuffling dance grooves.

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04-07-2024 // New singles Avarice & This Is released!

Two new singles are out! They are shuffly, minimal, deep house / downtempo tracks made to wrap you up in a cozy sound blanket while you work or study. You can »listen for free on Bandcamp«. If you choose to purchase them, you get some fun extras:

  • unlimited streaming of both tracks
  • a seamless mix of the two tracks
  • the original longform live recordings the tracks were edited from
  • a seamless mix of those live recordings
  • full-quality lossless downloads for all of the above!

ok, so, how did this happen?

a lot of my music starts out as practice sessions (├ętudes, if you’re pretentious and/or a francophone), where I feel unpressured and explorative. Sometimes when I go back and listen to these I feel a new layer of appreciation for them - that was the case for both of the tracks on this release.

gear / signal

analog four mk2, analog rytm mk2, octatrack and microfreak all into Bluebox. Bluebox out back into OT and A4 for looping and effects.


if you’re not familiar, myhouse.wad is a silly, cheeky and utterly inspired piece of analog horror / ARG / creepypasta in the form of a custom Doom map with an accompanying google journal and forum posts. Very effective for those of us who were raised in American suburbs in the 90s/early aughts. For me it walks a very fine line between “actually scary” and “enjoyable on an artistic/creative level” :D this is an entertaining explainer/playthrough, if you’re interested. It has some very solid music, too. I love this track’s use of crunchy textures, swirling stereo images and these interesting jumpy edits where elements pop in and out suddenly. it was a direct inspiration for the practice session that spawned avarice. I recorded some loops and passages from the Microfreak and Analog Four into my trusty Octatrack, then slowed them down and chopped them up with LFOS to amplitude until I found a sound a bit like Change and Evolve. I layered some Rytm drums in my usual style on top, and yeah, that’s the first half of the track. As I was fading it out to stop the recording, I noodled a little bit on the Microfreak, and that turned into a whole improvised second half over new chords.

this is

this one was less conceptual, but just as fun to make. I had the inclination to record some loose hand-played house grooves as opposed to my usual method of using rigid quantization as a framework to create rhythmic intricacy. I laid down some analog four chords, doubled them at half speed an octave down on OT, and composed the beat over that. I played all the drums in live on Rytm’s pads, then applied various levels of quantization to each drum - so, for each sequencer track, I would play something in live, listen back, and dial the quantization up until the point where it sounded “in time”. then I dialed it back a bit. Simple enough, but I think it worked really well!


The throughline (maybe you noticed?) is that these are fairly static ambient pieces with no bassline or melody. I worked them until that magical point with ambient music where I could listen to them loop forever. I took those beds and used them as background for what are essentially solo drum machine performances! I spent the winter mostly making breakbeats at 170+, so slowing things back down to house tempo (where it all started for me) was a real change. I think that contrast allowed me to approach these tracks with a new appreciation for the compositional language of downtempo and deep house. There’s all these fun and cheeky tricks you can pull that are just such a treat. like pulling out the kick for a few bars, messing with the up-hat… it’s classic stuff, but so satisfying! I really loved making this, and I hope my enthusiasm for the medium comes through in the recordings.

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