A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Zadie Belfer-Shevett began their musical journey as a singer-songwriter in central Massachusetts, inspired by artists like Nick Drake, Pinegrove and Fleet Foxes. After many years of acoustic performances, Zadie began to blend their wistful melodies and vulnerable ballads with a newfound fascination for sampling, audio synthesis and shuffling house grooves.
Zadie with Ken Performing with Ken Skudder in 2019
Playing a modular synthesizer in 2020

In 2020, Zadie created the website zbs.fm as a simple platform for sharing audio among friends, describing the project as an “abstract radio station”. As of 2024, Zadie has uploaded over 300 hours of deeply personal electronic music to the repository and adopted zbs.fm as their artist name.

"Sap", an early repository upload

The first zbs.fm album was released in September 2023. Interstate is 92-minute collection of raw, nocturnal techno, described as “minimal techno sessions for your 2am drive home.” The album was an online success, with a physical release and merch slated for early 2024.

excerpt from Interstate's "Session 1" (full track here)

The second zbs.fm album was released in January 2024. Melodies 2020-2024 is a collection of tracks each built around a singular melodic idea, performed on hardware, then lightly edited/mastered for release.

Melodies 2020-2024 track "315"

“Zadie approaches their electronic toolkit with unparalleled curiosity, not only to find comfort and expressivity at the outer reaches of their machines' technical functionality, but also in pursuit of fascinating aesthetic form. Every deep listen is rewarded with a comprehensive survey of genre and a glance to the horizon of new possibilities."

dan derks, host of Sound + Process

Performing at LA Pop in 2023
Today, Zadie performs a subtle and captivating blend of downtempo electronica, house, techno, and breakbeats - what Tyler Etters of Klang Magazine describes as “earnest electronica straight from the soul.”

excerpt from Blue Moon Triptych #1 (full session here)

Zadie keeps an ear to artists like Floating Points, Boards of Canada, and Four Tet. Their love for out-there sounds by Caterina Barbieri and Kali Malone is matched by an embodied enthusiasm for pop tunes by Caroline Polachek, MUNA and Lorde.
Performing at 10 Forward in 2023

zbs.fm performances captivate and make your body move with a unique blend of pulsing synths and driving beats. Their set is dynamic - a narrative journey that everyone deserves to experience.

Ang Buxton, DJ, owner of 10 Forward Arts Venue & Bar