a tiny linux computer. runs on a raspberry pi (or compute-module) with a 2x2 audio codec, a couple buttons and knobs, and a low-res screen.

i’ve written and contributed to a lot of scripts for norns – the one i’m most proud of is sempra.


to me, it is the best sampler ever made. made with no clear use case, flexible and open. limited, old, obtuse, esoteric, and unmatched.



a slender case with built in components like mixing, vactrol gates and spring reverb. 120hp/3U.


an algothmic event processor / sequencer / controller with a novel interface, styled after the earliest computer terminals. plug a keyboard straight into the front!

telexi input expander with 4 pots and 4 jacks
monome walk foot controls


a tiny, machined-aluminum translator between many hosts and leaders. it speaks on its own too.


the so-called “formant oscillator” - a full-analog combination of a square wave VCO, a rise/fall function generator and a tangential saturation circuit. very good at emulating wind-instrument sounds.

three sisters

resonant peaks with macro controls - for mixing or splitting signal(s) to/from its spectral divisions. each peak also acts as a smooth and clean many-mode filter.

great at creating a sort of resonant physical space for your sound to exist inside.

just friends

an extraordinarily well-conceived set of 6 digital slope generators - acting as a clock divider, a 6-voice 2-op FM polysynth, a 6-part unison voice, and many other things.