name a.k.a Catya Belfer
Iris Felshman rainbowmessenger
kellicain Kelli Cain
nnnnnnnn brian crabtree
Northern Information tyleretters
Planet Geek! Dave Shevett
selfawaresoup Esther Weidauer
Thea Flowers Stargirl
this website is pink Allie


name description
Catya Belfer’s Etsy shop handmade soap & lotion
halfhidden a secret garden, expanding library, artist studio, and gathering space for a variety of esoteric and creative intentions.
monome objects for the exploration of space and time
Winterbloom magical music machines
Whimsical Raps a.k.a. Mannequins. Musical instruments for the arrangement of vivid colour.

my projects

name description
sempra continuous dynamic melody sequencer for norns+16n
c201 curses-based terminal melody tracker
trades my trades thread on